☼ A New Start ☼

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Hello! I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I've attempted blogging twice, one was nearly a year ago, but it never worked out the way I wanted it to. For some reason, I want to give it another try. 
My name is Ulku, and I'm 15.

Writing has always been special for me. I'm guessing this is because of my grandfather, who was an author and had books that had his name written on them. I was just a little kid but I idolised him. He influenced me to do a lot of things, just like writing. Therefore, I started writing short stories when I was around 9 years old. 

I continued writing for years, but at some point I stopped. I can remember my grandfather saying "You used to write such great and different stories, you should continue doing that." I never did. I feel like I always wanted to go on writing but never got enough time. 

I have stopped doing a lot of things that I loved doing, for no reason! Now that I look back, I think I probably shouldn't have...

But maybe its not too late to start a blog again? 
What about you, do you have regrets about walking away from something? Leave me a comment about it! ♡ 
                        Thanks for reading, love you xx